Can you believe it’s already FEBRUARY? Here are your Powerful Words files for the month :-)

We’re cruising into 2018! January was AH-Mazing, right? Well, let’s make February even more awesome…shall we?

For the month of February 2018, the Powerful Word of the month is Loyalty, which we believe means “Being faithful and committed to a person, place, group or cause.”


We know the value and benefit of loyalty and we’re excited to focus on it with our members all month long!

In order to make your life a little easier…I thought I’d go ahead and send you the links to download all of your Powerful Words materials for February. This way, you’ve got them right at your fingertips. Please click the following links to download your files, ok?


A Powerful Word LoyaltyParents Perch —>

Dear Dr. Robyn —>

Young Kids Powerful Project —>

School Age Kids Powerful Project —>

Teen and Adults Powerful Project —>


As always, it’s our honor and our pleasure to have you in our family. Thank you for helping to make our program as awesome as it now is (and getting better every day in every way!)


We’re so honored that we get the opportunity to work with you and your family.




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