Introducing JNS Tumble Team for fall 2018!


Tumble Team

Ready to take your tumbling to the next step?  8 week team sessions that prepare each child for our tumble meet. During the 8 weeks we will take the skills they have learned in class and create combo passes of 3-6 connected skills and 6-8 connected trampoline skills/routine.  We will perfect form, learn how to connect and perfect each skill, and prepare for the in house meet. Compete with a floor pass and/ tumble trac, and trampoline.

Tumble Meet will hand out awards, a T-shirt, and a great way to showcase skills and passes learned.


MEMBERS: 8 weeks of Tumble Team $89 (can be divided over 2 payments and run with September and October tuition) for those currently enrolled in a membership.

NON MEMBERS: $159 for non members (full amount due at sign up)

One time fee for Tumble Team top/bottoms/T-shirt: $85 (will be reused through multiple team tumble sessions)  we will hold 4 sessions per year.

Practice Days: Each practice is 1 hour and 15 mins long

Level 1 Tumble Team ages 6-10 Friday’s 4:30pm

Level 1 Tumble Team ages 10-14 Friday’s 4:30pm

Level 2 Tumble Team ages 7-14 5:30pm

Level 3 Tumble Team ages 8 and up 5:30pm

Session begins: September 14

Meet date: Sunday, November 4th 2:00pm



Tumble Team Registration

    If you are unsure, we will assign based off of current class level. We are happy to do an assessment prior to the first class for anyone registered.
  • Price: $85.00 Quantity:
    top, bottoms and t-shirt to wear to meet. Will be reused in future tumble team sessions.
  • $0.00

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