From the beginning Raise the Bar Pole Vault Club members have dominated the local and regional market since the Summer of 2012.

At the local high school level RTB has had more than 30 athletes finish with all-state honors, 5 state champions, including 2-time state champion and meet record breaker, Alexis Romero (Wooster HS). In 2017, Makayla Linebarger (Reed HS) broke the all-time State of Nevada best jump at 13’6″ and the state meet record jumping 13’0″. Also, in 2017 RTB had two girls ranked in the top 20 with Makayla Linebarger (Reed HS) holding the #4 spot at 13’6″ and Alysia Allen (Reed HS) holding the #19 spot at 12’10”. That year they finished as the top girls “duo” in United States.

The national pole vault scene has been just as successful as RTB has garnered 13 all-Americans, 1-National Champion and 2-Runner Up Champions. In 2013 Makayla Linebarger set the 13-14 year old American Age-Group Record with a 12’3 1/2″ vault. That record still stands today.

Raise the Bar currently has 9 alumni vaulting at the collegiate level. Some with a full-ride athletic scholarship.

Raise the Bar Pole Vault Club Overall TOP 5

(Est. Summer 2012)
*All marks reflect representation with RTB PV Club and do not reflect the athletes school PR

Rank      Height   Name                           HS Best
1.            15’6”      *Zack Supple               15’7″
2.            15’3″i     Troy Gingerich             15’0″
3.            15’0″      Bailey Aileo                  15’0″
4.            14’8”i     Jeremy Uithoven          14’7″
5t.           14’6”i     *Zack Arbogast             15’0″
5t.           14’6”i     Dallas Moss                  14’6″
*Indicates Nevada High School State Champion

Rank      Height   Name                          HS Best
1.            14’0″i     *Makaya Linebarger    13’6″
2.            13’4″i     Alysia Allen                 13’2″
3.            13’2”i     **Alexis Romero          12’8″
4.            12’8”i     Alysse McMillen          12’6″
5.            11’10”i   Emily Etter                   12’4″
i – Indicates mark was made indoor
*Indicates Nevada High School State Champion


10 & Under

BOYS                                         GIRLS
6’0″i     Brock Bryant                   5’6”i     Cariann Bryant

Ages 11-12

BOYS                                        GIRLS
10’4″i  Jackson Nitz                 10’6”  Kassy Hordal

Ages 13-14

BOYS                                        GIRLS
11’11¾”  Dallas Moss                12’3½”  Makayla Linebarger

Ages 15-16

BOYS                                        GIRLS
14’6”  Alden Cocanour              13’0”  Makayla Linebager

Ages 17-18

BOYS                                        GIRLS
15’6”  Zack Supple                    14’0”  Makayla Linebarger


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