Special Needs Tumbling Class

This class is meant to encourage life and movement through the wonderful sport of tumbling! While stimulating basic motor skills, children will also gain social skills in this class which is specially designed for them and their needs. All children with any type of special need are more that welcome to join!

Special Athletes Team

This is an opportunity to encourage life and movement through a sensational sport. Special Needs Athletes benefit from their time together at practice and their work improving themselves. Not only do they stimulate their social and motor skills, but the thrill of performance is a special memory to all of us. This team is designed to give another opportunity of being in a team environment, learning new skills at an appropriate level, and fun place to be with peers.

Program: This program meets on Saturday mornings from 8:30am-10:00am.

Activity: This is for anyone that would enjoy basic tumbling and dancing. All abilities are welcome. Each member is unique and will add their own unique twist to the team.

Ages: This is great for any individual with a special need that would not otherwise be able to participate on a cheer team.