Tips For A Successful Class Experience

Tips for a successful class experience at JNS Sports 


We are JNS Sports take your child’s progress, goals, and experience seriously. We want them to thrive, have fun, and reach their goals while in our program.  To assist in achieving this we will begin a new modified class plan, that we explain below, to help our coaches give you and your child the top notch experience you deserve each and every week. 


There are also a few things we need from you to assist in creating this experience as well. Check out this list:


Have your child attend class consistently. Results don’t happen overnight, and they definitely don’t come when class attendance is inconsistent. We want to see your child! The more our coaches get to know your child, their learning style and goals, the better our coaches can cater to an experience that is best for them. 


While we don’t always encourage you to sit in on every minute of class, please, attend the last 15 minutes of class. We are adjusting our class structure a bit. We will be implementing 45 minutes for warm-up and skill instruction, 5 minutes for our “Powerful Words” program, and 10 minutes for parent communication, athlete praise and/or skill demonstration. We offer free coffee so come in grab a coffee to go and check out how class went. Our coaches want to talk with you and share with you how well your child did. Previously they were rushing into their next class and that important connection for student achievement has been missing. This will ensure that the parent, student, and coach has the time to communicate, share, and praise successes from class, set new goals and answer any questions you might have. 


Warm up is crucial to preparing the body for activity, avoiding injury and gaining overall body awareness. Our warm-up is very involved and actually contains challenges and skills that will contribute to the overall class experience. It really ruins the class momentum when coaches have late arrivals. It’s best to be at class 5 minutes before it is scheduled to begin.

**If your child cannot make class please email: [email protected]


Having good listening skills in class will actually translate into building trust with their instructor. They will learn that the coaches only want what is best for them – and that is to have a great experience in every way. Our staff wants to progress all of our students in a safe and proper skill progression. If you or your child is confused on a progression towards a skill, please ask :) 

– CELEBRATE ALL SUCCESSES (even the small ones)!

Success can be defined MANY ways! It is easy to get wrapped up in only the “big picture” – or the main skills within a particular level. However, achieving the individual drills toward a bigger skill is just as important as the big skill in the end. For example – “Suzy” has been working on her back handspring. It’s a scary skill with so many details involved. Today at class she threw it by herself on the trampoline without any assistance from the coach! She was so excited! Her coach was so excited! It was a huge milestone towards getting this skill on the floor! “Suzy’s” parent came in and she couldn’t wait to demonstrate. She showed it off and the parents response was, “Oh I thought it would be on the floor. You brought me in here for that?”  “Suzy’s” excitement for the skill instantly went away and she lost interest in wanting to do reps on the trampoline anymore and soon lost interest in attending tumbling. PLEASE, celebrate the journey your child is on and every little milestone along the way! It will keep it fun and keep them moving in the right direction :) 


Connect with the gym on Facebook through our private members group. You get to engage with your child’s coach, the gym, and stay up to date on all things happening at the gym. Chat with your child’s instructor, find out what our Powerful Word of the month is and engage. Join our facebook group here:

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your families lives. We hope to make an impact on your child through the program they are involved with! Should you have any questions about anything please don’t hesitate to ask.  

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