Pole vaulting is one of the most challenging and FUN events in all of track & field (of course our opinion!). It is the perfect sport to progress to for the current or retired gymnast, cheerleader, wrestler, or any sport for that matter! Raise the Bar is the perfect place to learn how to pole vault correctly and to start your new sports career!

Give us a call at 775-787-2438 and check out what pole vault is all about. Your first lessons are filled with technique and drills and safety is always a first priority.

Are you ready to conquer one of the most challenging and fun events in track & field? Whether you are learning for the first time, want to continue vaulting through after your HS season, or, join THE BEST Pole Vault Club in Nevada – we have a place for you!


We now offer the opportunity to pole vault year round!

Choose from Beginner AND Intermediate classes – 1, or 2 days per week!

JUNE-AUGUST – Summer training
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER – Off season conditioning & fitness preparation
NOVEMBER thru FEBRUARY – General training & Indoor season preparation
MARCH-MAY – School season training – Come on in and get sound – guaranteed training time regardless of the weather outside!

*Class size is limited – first come – first serve. Enroll now to assure your spot!

Private Lessons available on a first come-first serve. Limited time basis. $60/hour.


CLICK HERE for the most up to date class schedule and pricing!


For questions, or to register for any pole vault related program, please email [email protected].