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What are some of the benefits of enrolling in a tumbling class?

Develops coordination
Develops flexibility
Develops strength and power
Teaches listening and following directions
Gains self-esteem and confidence
Provides social interaction with peers
Teaches goal setting
Develops cognitive abilities to help in the classroom
Develops skills to enhance other sports
It’s fun!

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Our classes are designed so that students that are brand new to gymnastics and tumbling will feel welcome and comfortable, while students with experience will also have opportunities for advancement within the recreational program.  We have the best classes in Northern Nevada.  You have to grab our introductory 6 weeks of classes for $69 to see and experience the difference for yourself.   On top of it all, we help our students become better people.  We have partnered with Dr. Robyn Silverman (a regular expert on Good Morning America) and bring Powerful Words lessons to all of our classes and teams.

If your child is ready to take their love of tumbling they can join one of our competitive teams- half year or full year!


Here are the general guidelines for each level. We have detailed sheets of skill progression and are happy to share anytime with our families, exactly where each athlete stands in the list of skills for the level they are working towards.


Preschool Classes: For ages 3-5 All classes are tumble classes with the exception of Wed 10am Sports Class. All preschool age students can attend any of the preschool times listed with more to be added.


Beginner: This level has zero Prerequisite. The beginner tumbler will work on coordination, forward/backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, bridges and kick-overs.


Level 1: This level requires a kick over down the wedge and a cartwheel on the floor. This level will work to master multiple back walkovers and front walkovers, round off rebounds and introduce basic drills to the back handspring.


Level 2: This level requires a front and back walkover, round off rebound. This level will work at mastering the running and standing back handspring, along with mastering multiple back handsprings.


Level 3/4: This level requires proficient multiple standing and running back handsprings on floor and front walk over thru to multiple back handsprings.   This class will focus on tucks and then layouts, plus punch fronts, whips, standing back handspring back tucks, and standing back tucks.


Level 5: This level requires a running layout, standing tuck, standing 2 BHS to tuck, punch front step out OR a whip to handspring layout. This level will focus on fulls, double fulls, and elite level specialty passes.


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